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Video production

It is for sure one of the most complicated activities of our agency. The possibilities that video production can offer, can completely compensate the entire struggle of the process itself.

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We totally believe in what Seneca said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. In video production, as a fully directed operation handled by our agency, we had the “luck” to be involved in video projects especially from the musical zone.

The experiences that we had proved ourselves that, even if we are talking a very specialized industry, we can do any job well done and, most important for us, we can satisfy our client’s needs. When this happens we say “Yes, with pleasure” to any challenge.

Steps to
“see through”
The storyboard is vital and it can bring you important economies in the budget
The casting needs to be “true”, not taking friends into consideration
The video tools are important, but people behind them are essential
Postproduction can do wonders, not magic
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