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Promotion ideas

There are always a few ingredients essential for the success of each project. Besides budget and brief, our favorite ingredient is the IDEA that spices up the concept.

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Whenever we start either an integrated marketing project or a plane promotional action, it is highly important to spend enough time with the single and most important person that could drive our creativity on the right direction: the client. The briefing meetings, the contextual details, the budget indicators, the internal HR available, the wishes and, especially, the targeted success, all these help us in creating the strongest foundation possible.

On this foundation we will imagine countless variations, we will test the extremes and we will choose the most appropriate proposals for our client, for the company that will benefit from of our ideas.

One of our most important criteria, which we use in choosing the proposals that are offered to our client, is the performance indicators. Which are those ideas that could obtain the best results fully respecting both budget and given context? In deciding this, our long term experience and previous results obtained in other similar projects are our most essential assets.

We discuss all the project details
together with the client
We put ourselves in the shoes of the marketing specialist and we analyze all the given details that we transfer and translate to our team
We look into previous contexts
and actions of both agency and company.
We do our homework!
We play
Our initial brainstorming sessions are joyful and full of serious idea playing.
We choose
from all generated ideas.
We only pick those that can be realistically implemented and which indicate the best probable results.
We propose
The client receives only those ideas/ proposals that fully convince us.
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