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Event planning

Any company that knows how to celebrate accomplishments, to honor its anniversaries, to enjoy the corporate life, is a company that deserves to be admired. As organizers these moments make us feel really close to our clients.

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Event planning is one of the most private marketing actions in which we are involved. Whenever our clients hire us to plan the celebration of the most important moments in their life, they give us in fact the keys to their Universe. We can, in this way, wonder throughout their entire company because, without any doubt, the real success in event planning is found in the details – to find out, to take into consideration and to control.

We are happy in these contexts to find any element that can boost out our creativity and any situation that can allow us to be inspired. Our most favorite events are those in which we are allowed to control everything, just for the sake of total integration of the event under the umbrella of a well-chosen theme that will bring more power to the value and the desired message of the client.

We are experts in preparing crisis scenarios, in having alternative solutions and we are proud with our obsession in having a back-up plan for the back-up plan. Besides the event planning fees, we like to be “paid” at the final of each event, in those moments when everybody leaves, with smiles of those that have participated not just at a simple event, but at a wonderful memory in their life.

The detail
Details regarding the audience that will attend the event
Details that need to be integrated in all stages of the event
Details that need to be prepared “in case of”
Details that need to be properly activated in order to compensate the unforeseen
Details that will find themselves in the wonderful moments inside the hearts of those who attended the event
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