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Design solutions

For an agency, the graphic design department represents that special element that can transform a good project into a truly perfect one. At Today, the designers are our spoiled stars. You will find out why.

 servicii implementare

From our perspective a good graphic designer is the professional that is able to “read” the client and that can visually implement exactly what the company is defined by.

We don’t like and we don’t encourage personal graphic styles and attitudes. We don’t think that they’re bad. We only wish that this kind of graphical manifestation would take place in the personal life of each graphic designer. As long as our agency is responsible for getting the graphic design materials done, then we are also responsible and obliged to stay on the visual trajectory assessed by everything that has been done until that moment by the client – previous materials, brand manual or corporate design book.

Our client’s budget is essential because it can give us proper control even in the design stage, upon the typographic implementation (Does the client afford to print seven colors or we stick to the CMYK standard?)

As an internal rule, if the time allows and if we can respect the work boundaries just mentioned, we will try to bring improvements and to present corrected proposals of any client material. Very often these proposals are well received by the client and almost always get to be implemented.

“Must follow”
design rules
Respect the client’s corporate design book
The deadline is always more important than any graphic design experiment
If it’s not perfect do it again! Do not forget about the deadline
Check out the text twice!
Ask another colleague to check it again!
There is no graphic design problem that cannot be solved
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