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Advertising production

The secret in this type of activity consists in the suppliers that you chose and the type of materials that you decide you want to represent yourself in front of your client. Being cheap doesn’t mean that it is also good. If you need it fast, it doesn’t mean that you can get it cheap. The only context that will allow you to get “inexpensive” and high quality materials is when you’ll meet the good luck fairy.

 servicii logistica

We’ve seen contexts in which, because of poorly made advertising materials, some agencies had lost important clients and accounts. Is because of this reason, we take very seriously this vital stage in the process of implementation of the concept that we create or receive in our task.

This is the reason why we try to have as many activities as we can, done in-house. We could never do everything ourselves and we don’t even wish it. A lot of activities related to personalizing items, for example, especially because we love promotional materials, are carefully checked out step by step. Again, we praise ourselves with the fact that our specialists in implementation know exactly what to ask and to check in terms of any personalization process.

The printing services, both offset and large productions, we do with our trusted partners that we continuously test, check and visit because even if we use their machines, the real important relationship that we have is with the people behind them. They are the ones with whom we negotiate perfection.

before all
Compare the price of the materials with the same technical specs (don’t compare apples with plums)
You should choose a higher price for materials that will have a longer life
Finishes are always important. Take them into consideration
Choose any colored materials on daylight
Production involves a cost. Assembling and dissembling materials will also cost (in case of outdoor)
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