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About us

We will win you over “pen by pen”!


A lot of companies will start this website section with something like “we created this company from the wish of…”. To write this part of a presentation, no matter how old and experienced you are on the market, is always complicated. To talk about yourself is pretty hard. What should I say? Should I tell people how good I am? Should I praise myself or should I be sincere? Wouldn’t this create a disadvantage for me?

When talking about sincerity, if it would be a religion, then we would be at least bishops. We very much appreciate sincerity and we “dress” with it each morning. It may not be the most favorable business attitude but we think that it is the most restful. For us it truly is. At night, when we put ourselves to bed, we are restful and reconciled to ourselves. We are relaxed and peaceful because we know exactly what we want and we know exactly which way we need to go.

We want to be among the best, national wide!
We want to large, middle and small clients that will trust us no matter what!
To achieve this, it is highly important to do our job perfectly no matter how small or large is the project. We need to do our job perfectly! (We felt like repeating this).

We write these words without any exaggeration! We have the needed patience to convince you that we deserve bigger and bigger challenges, larger and larger budgets on many levels. Those clients that, from many years, let us stay beside them are the living proof that we have needed to know for sure that this is The Way.

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